Tarot Cards of the Week | June 29th-July 5th, 2020

Hello my darlings!

How is your Monday going? I spent the entire morning working, then enjoyed a delicious asian-inspired meal (chicken and veggie stir-fry with quinoa, and pan-fried dumplings) that my girlfriend made us moments ago. I treated myself to an episode of NCIS (I love my girlfriend more than life itself, but would I turn straight for Mark Harmon? Possibly! 😂), and am now sitting at my desk with Julia right next to me, sipping some chai tea to awaken my sacral chakra and get my creative energy flowing!

This week, I am trying out a new work schedule that I was inspired to create after asking the Universe for guidance during a meditation session last night. I have been feeling burnt-out lately from not managing my time very well (aka being on my phone too much), so I had to make a few changes. I am hoping that this will allow me to focus not only on The Empress Within, but on my lesbian romance novels (yes, I write fiction! It’s under a different name for now) and on my watercolors as well. I will try it out and keep you updated on how it goes!

Our cards for this week are Strength (8 or 11), The Emperor (4), and The Empress (3). This combination was unexpected to me at first, but as always, there are no coincidences when it comes to tarot. There’s a duality in Strength that reflects into to the Emperor and Empress, who are both sides of the same coin.

Strength is all about turning inward to find the best way to handle certain situations, no matter how difficult they can be. And it also tells us to be gentle with ourselves, rather than beating ourselves up for not achieving goals that were perhaps too unrealistic. So this week, take a step back and make sure to respond rather than react. If you fail to do so, don’t beat yourself up for it!

The Emperor represents power. Usually I look at it as a warning to not let power get to our heads, but this week, I sense that it’s more about us reclaiming our power. Perhaps recent events make us feel powerless in the face of injustice that people are facing. Or we are still on the receiving end of arbitrary decisions due to the COVID-19 situation. The truth is, nobody holds all the cards, and the only way you can become powerless is by relinquishing your own power. So look at small ways you can reclaim it, for yourself, and for the world around you. Perhaps you can make a difference by donating to certain organizations, or helping people you know. And at the very least – this is something I did when I felt completely powerless (but wasn’t!): you have the spiritual power of prayer: turning inward and asking the divine creative energy to give you the means to reclaim your power.

Finally, the Empress, my favorite card! She is all about abundance, love, and manifestation. Let her sacred feminine energy reach you, and cultivate beauty all around you. Whatever you seek to bring about, picture it as if it is already happening. Feel however you would feel once it is granted. And treat yourself like royalty. Dress nicely, do your hair, and apply makeup and perfume if that is what makes you feel good, even if you aren’t leaving your home. You are worthy of being your best self every single day. By living like your best self would (how? journal about it), you bring your best self to life.

So that’s that for this week: know how to respond, reclaim your power, and cultivate beauty so you can manifest your best life!

Before I leave you, I want to thank all those of you who signed up for my first full moon tarot reading! I really appreciate your interest and support for my business, and cannot wait for our Zoom call! There are a couple of spots left (attendance is limited so everyone can get a reading), so please don’t hesitate to sign up here!

Much, much love,


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