Tarot Cards of the Week | June 8th-14th, 2020

Hello my darlings! 

I am getting ready to ride my bike to the waterside, where I will be spending the rest of the afternoon painting. But before I head out, I wanted to share with you our tarot cards for the week.

Before we get started, I just wanted update you on the situation with the e-book version of You Hold The Cards on Amazon. Despite contacting the KDP customer service multiple times, they failed to respond or act aside from sending me an automated email. This situation was extremely frustrating and upsetting (I put a lot of work into this book, and I’m proud of it!), but I am breathing my way through it and reminding myself to manifest the best outcome. I needed to take a few days off from any communication with Amazon, but will likely try again this week before making any decision. 

In the meantime, the paperback version of my beginner’s guide to tarot is currently available via Amazon Prime, and you can get it by clicking here.

And now, with no further ado, our tarot cards for the week are Strength, Temperance, and The Emperor. 

These cards are a good transition from what we had last week (personally, the second half of the week took a pretty stressful turn, and I’m beyond relieved that it’s over.)

Strength, which we got today for the second week in a row, is a reminder to continue being gentle with ourselves, but also not be push-overs by being too gentle with others. Always respond instead of reacting, and by doing so, allow yourself to be guided to the best course of action. And don’t be afraid to be firm in expressing your needs – for instance, I resolved to be way less afraid of telling people around me that I need to take time for myself. 

Temperance tells us to take a deep breath, grounding and centering ourselves as we adapt to the aftermath of changes or tumultuous times. There’s no such thing as too much self-care, so don’t be ashamed to do what your body and soul ask you to. I like doing watercolors because it’s a calming, meditative activity during which I can create illustrations for my home and business! I’m currently working on a tarot and oracle deck, so stay tuned!

The Emperor, finally, reminds us that we are more powerful than we think. I don’t know you, but there were times last week (especially while dealing with Amazon) where I felt that I had lost all my power. The truth is (I’m paraphrasing Iyanla Vanzant), we are all born with power, but we give it away by letting ourselves be tricked into believing we’ve lost it. So let this week be a time where you not only recharge your batteries, but get in tune with your own power and realize the immensity of it. 

I hope these three cards speak to you as much as they speak to me.

Much, much love, and namasté, 


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