Tarot Cards of the Week | May 25th-31st, 2020

Hello my darlings!

This is the final week of May, and I can’t believe we’re almost six months into 2020! The other day, on the new moon, my girlfriend and I were setting goals we want to reach by January 1st, 2021. My goals include getting in better shape through healthy eating and daily exercise, but also becoming more organized in my work and life by sticking to established routines. I’m grateful to be in a supportive environment where I am most likely to succeed, and excited to see the results!

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And now, our cards for this week are The Chariot (7), The Lovers (6), and The Magician (1), and I think they apply perfectly to goal-setting!

The Chariot is all about soaring towards your dreams, goals, or objectives. But in order for you to do that, you first need to let go of baggage (physical or emotional) that may be slowing you down. So take time, this week, to clear space in your life for the energy of your desires to come. Get rid of old belongings that no longer bring you joy. And ask yourself whether you can peacefully take your distances from people who drag you down. The more you do that clearing and cleansing work, the more likely you are to to succeed in bringing about your goals!

The Lovers represent the balance of masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies. Regardless of our gender, we all have this duality within us, that we need to keep balanced in order for things to flow in our life. What happens around us is a reflection of what happens within us. So this week, focus on finding internal balance. If you find yourself working too much, take time for reflection, meditation or self-care. If, instead, you find yourself relaxing too much or spending too much time brooding, try to organize yourself so you can dedicate more time to work, or engage in physical activities. Let your soul show you what you need more of, and create this balance with your actions. If you’re struggling, consider getting an energy healing session (my favorite healer now offers her skills online!).

Lastly, The Magician shows you as the Creator of your own life. It is a reminder that right now, wherever you are, you have whatever you need to create the life you’ve always wanted. And you have, most importantly, to keep bringing in more of what you’ll need at the right time. So if you’re in that manic-like state where you want something, but you’re convincing yourself that you need even more to manifest this specific desire, stop. Take a moment to realize that you have everything you need, right now, and you can use your skills to transform what you have into what you want.

I hope this brings to you the guidance you needed for this week, and I hope you will put the cards’ advice to good use! And again, don’t forget to check out my tarot and manifestation courses!

Much, much love,



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