Tarot For Spiritual And Holistic Business Owners

Are you a spiritual, holistic, or self-improvement business owner? 

Have you thought of offering tarot services to your client, but aren’t sure how and where to start? 

If so, my course “Tarot For Spiritual And Holistic Business Owners” is for you! 

In eight easy-to-follow modules, you will learn how to: 

Familiarize yourself with tarot so you gain “fluency” in it

Develop your own practice, approach, and philosophy around tarot

Use tarot in an ethical way that benefits you and your clients

Create the tarot offers that work for you and your business

Offer add-on tarot services to your life coaching clients

Offer add-on tarot services to your clients if you are a massage therapist and/or energy healer

Advertise your tarot services online

Take your tarot career further if you feel inspired to do so!


Throughout the course, you will also learn to identify the common mistakes tarot professionals tend to make early on, and gain insight on how to avoid energetic drain and other issues that may arise during a personal or professional tarot practice. 

This PDF course is self-paced, so you can complete it at your own rhythm! Every module includes a text lesson, as well as charts, summaries, illustrations, and other types of media, and ends with an activity to help you determine what you’ve learned from the module and how you will apply it to your business. 

Are you ready to make the mystical, universal and beautiful art of tarot a part of your business? It starts now!

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