Number: 14.
Astrological correspondence: Sagittarius.
Keywords: Reset, pause, finding balance again, adaptation, self-care.
Temperance beyond tarot: fountains, Greek goddess Hebbe. 

A woman in a long white robe with angel wings stands barefoot on the edge of a river. She wears a diadem, and has a triangular emblem on her chest. She pours water from one golden cup to another. Lush vegetation surrounds her, and in the background, a path leads to mountains behind there’s a crown surrounded by light.

Temperance comes after Death (13), which, as we discussed previously, only represents a change that is happening for the best. But it is a rest and reset period so you can better face what’s ahead, including the difficult realisations that may come with the Devil.

Temperance represents your adaptation to change. The meditative pouring of water from one glass to another represents the balance you ought to create after any big change, be it a move, a new job, a child, a change in your relationship status. It’s a necessary period to pause and contemplate your new reality and take it in so that it makes sense. The crown at the bottom left of the picture represents achievements, so be confident that they will happen in their own timing.

In the meantime, pause, and give yourself time to heal, even if you don’t automatically think you need healing. Find balance within your own space by keeping it clean and organized, or creating a meditation corner in your home for instance. Get a zen garden for your desk, or find another meditative activity that can calm you when you need it (I personally love watercolors). And remember, there’s no such thing as too much yoga, so do some whenever you can! And don’t forget to reward yourself: emulate Temperance by pouring yourself a glass (or two) of wine!