Ten Healing Crystals For Beginners

Ten Healing Crystals For Beginners

I love healing crystals. When I was a child, I was not only fascinated by diamonds, but I’d always feel a connection to various stones gathered at the beach or during walks in nature. So when I discovered years ago that semi-precious gemstones were used for healing for healing purposes, I was thrilled but not surprised.

I did feel a bit overwhelmed during my first visit to a metaphysical store because I didn’t know where to get started using crystals for healing, what stones to get for what purpose, or how to use them. But a few years (and an expanding crystal collection) later, I can say I got the hang of it.

Crystals come under many different forms, from rough stones to clusters, from jewelry to decorative objects. Today, I’ll be talking about the small tumbled stones that you can carry in your pocket or purse, or just hold in your hand or against your body.

Here are the ten healing crystals I think everyone should have: 

Apatite is said to work as an appetite suppressant. When I was trying to lose weight, I used it to meditate before meals, holding it between my hands and visualizing my ideal body shape.

Angelite helps with angel communication. I like to hide one in my pillow, as I feel like it helps me receive spiritual messages in my dreams.

Rose quartz is my favorite. It is said to help you love yourself, which we know is the first step to attracting love in your life. It also heals on the emotional level, making it an ideal stone for people who are grieving. I always carry rose quartz with me (and wear jewelry made with it), and have given those crystals to all my loved ones.

Moonstone encourages a smooth transition when you’re going through a period of changes; moves, new jobs, etc., even relationships and pregnancy. I like to get a new piece of moonstone every time I go through a significant change, carry it around and meditate with it for everything to go smoothly, and, once I’ve settled into my new normal, release it into nature (usually in a body of water, like the ocean, under a waning moon).

Aventurine attracts wealth and prevents mindless spending. I’ve carried a small piece inside my wallet for years now. I like to believe it attracted many splendid opportunities to me!

Carnelian boosts creativity. When I’m going through a bout of writer’s block, I hold a piece of carnelian between my hands and visualize the words flowing, like a cascade, from my fingers into the keyboard, and appearing onto the screen.

Citrine purifies and empowers. Crystals users often purify their entire collection by putting them into a bowl made out of citrine. It is a wonderfully helpful stone when you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or have negative energy inside you (after an argument with a loved one, for instance). I like to hold it against my forehead and feel it clear away all the rubbish and maximize my personal power.

Hematite, like citrine, specifically eliminates negative energy. It was very helpful to me when I was leaving a difficult relationship years ago. I also feel it protects from psychic attacks, and like to have a few scattered around near every door or window to my apartment.

Turquoise brings good luck and, in the Middle East, is believed to protect from the Evil Eye (a metaphor for all the negative energy channeled by jealousy and greed). I love to wear it before a big meeting, exam, or any occasion where I feel like I could use some luck.

Amethyst is the stone of intuition and spirituality. The cluster I have on my bedside table helps me set aside my day-to-day life and reach a meditative state of mind before falling asleep.

I hope this list encouraged you to get your own healing crystals. If you’re looking for more information, I strongly recommend this excellent bookthat covers all the types of healing crystals out there and how to use them.

Do you use healing crystals? What are your favorites? How do you like to use them? Let me know in the comments below!

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