Terms and Conditions

By purchasing any services, goods, or membership plans from The Empress Within, you automatically agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The Empress Within doesn’t provide clients with legal, financial, or medical advice. You are strongly encouraged to consult legal, financial, or medical professionals before making important decisions.
  2. Full payment is required at the time of booking or purchasing any service.
  3. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all consultations will be conducted remotely via video call until further notice.
  4. Refunds will not be offered for any one-on-one appointment cancellations or no-shows.
  5. If a workshop or group event must be rescheduled for any reason, clients will be notified in advance. Refunds will only be issued in case the event is cancelled.
  6. A cancellation fee will apply if the client fails to reschedule an appointment within 48 hours. We kindly ask that you be respectful of our time and communicate with us in case of emergency.
  7. The Empress Within will offer no refund for any other reasons, including for readings or consultation that the client is not satisfied with.
  8. The Empress Within offers no partial or full refunds for the Empress Collective.
  9. The Empress Within commits to respecting the client’s privacy and confidentiality. However, if the client discloses being a danger to themselves and others, The Empress Within reserves the right to contact the appropriate authorities.
  10. The Empress Within will not answers questions pertaining to the outcome of legal cases, wellfare of minors, outcomes of illnesses, deaths, miscarriages.
  11. The Empress Within does not provide psychic services, hence does not guarantee any real-life outcomes to tarot readings. The client understands that they are responsible for any outcome to any situation or questioning.
  12. The Empress Within will not be held liable for any real-life outcomes.
  13. The Empress Within will not communicate with deceased persons, cast spells, or break curses.
  14. The Empress Within will not give answers or advice on hurting other people (i.e. breaking up a relationship or marriage, getting someone fired, etc.)
  15. Clients have to be eighteen (18) or older to book any services from The Empress Within. Minors over thirteen (13) can can do so with the written and verbal consent of a parent or guardian.
  16. The Empress Within reserves reserve the right to add to or modify these Terms and Conditions without any prior notice.