“I live halfway across the world, so I was a little bit skeptical that it would work despite the distance, but once Sophie called me at my appointment time, I felt that I was in the same room with her. She shuffled the cards while I concentrated on the questions I had. When she began analyzing them, I was baffled that so many things sounded accurate and on point. The reading gave me a lot of clarity and answers as to what steps I needed to take to achieve my goals.”
C., Paris, France. 

“I got an hour-long tarot reading and PDF summary as a gift to myself for my 50th birthday. Sophie came to my home to perform the reading; she answered all the questions I had regarding my marriage, teenage children, and career. She was compassionate, clear and gave me excellent advice drawn from her interpretation of her cards (bonus points because they are so pretty!). The next day, she emailed me my reading summary in a beautifully-formatted and very well-written PDF document with pictures of the cards she had drawn. I definitely recommend her!”
S., Washington D.C., USA.

“I knew Sophie when she was a child, always thought she was very intuitive and hoped that she would use that gift one day. So I was thrilled when she posted on Facebook that she was doing tarot and immediately booked a reading with her. At one moment during the reading, she felt stuck on a particular card, so she mentioned it (I really appreciate the honesty) and moved on. She returned to it later during the reading because she was able to put that card’s meaning in relation with the others. A real professional!”
N., Beyrouth, Lebanon.