“I had a session with The Empress Within when I was in a really low point in my life, unsure of what to do and what direction to take. I was seriously about to ruin everything I love, and her guidance and advice helped me to make decisions that will hopefully affect my future for the better. I’d recommend her to anyone who is struggling. If anything, it’s great to have a listening ear and some words of wisdom. Saying that, the cards were scarily accurate, and that’s coming from me, being a sceptic in general. Thank you!”
Anonymously submitted.

“Sophie is a great Tarot reader. A super witch that read in your heart and soul. She will advise you and help you understand your choices. I really enjoy her craft.”
Eliz M.

“Sophie is exceptional at reading tarot. She has an encyclopedic comprehension of the tarot symbolism and meanings. Sophie was very present in her time with me, she connected to each question I had. My favorite thing about Sophie is she offers a very positive and encouraging energy to her reading, leaving me with an optimistic sort of guidance.”
Tessa P.

“I had the opportunity to meet Sophie after following her on social media – who knew I was following a tarot teacher local to me! I purchased her book on book-signing day and she was so kind to autograph it for me and my friend. I wanted to expand my tarot and intuition by taking Sophie’s Keys to Manifestation course. It helped me to be grounded, imaginative, and focused on what I truly wanted for my goals and dreams. The course was insightful and helped me to consider things about myself and the world around me. It was also fun and interactive with participation from a community that was open and welcoming to learning. I feel more confident and excited to tap into my intuition more, and I can’t wait for her upcoming courses!”
Jenni R.

“Very impressed by her guidance, support and coaching.”
Lise G.

“Sophie Marie and the Empress Within is such a blessing. She brings a refreshing and unique look at life and this adjusts positivity in thought process as well as an uplifting tangible lifestyle! I am so grateful and can not wait until my next session! All good things and the best is yet to come!”
Shannon R.

“Sophie approaches tarot with a very practical approach that helps one understand how it works in a fashion that is easy to understand. I had the pleasure of meeting her and getting a signed copy of her book and was instantly drawn to her style of reading tarot. I had a one hour consultation to seek guidance on personal issues and within that hour gained much insight. She is fast becoming a great friend and mentor if anything as I am also registered to take her manifestation course as well. I appreciate her insight and spiritual guidance that gives me much perspective on my life’s journey.”
Christy L.

“I had such an amazing experience with Sophie! I booked an hour long reading and was so impressed by how much we got done. I felt like her guidance left me feeling really supported and excited for reaching new goals in life. I highly recommend her for readings and look forward to booking more with her !”
Charlotte F.

“The reading was wonderful! She provided much-needed clarity and is a great person to work with on top of that. I will be a repeat customer. I enjoyed every minute and her book was a very interesting read as well.”
Kim M.