The Chariot.

Number: 7.
Astrological correspondence: Cancer.
Keywords: Movement, energy, efficiency, travel, decisions.
The Chariot beyond tarot: the Industrial Revolution, Henry Ford. 

A handsome man in shining armor is standing in a chariot or litter, holding a wand or spear in his right hand, with a castle behind him. At the front of his chariot are two sphinxes, one black, and one white (in other decks, the sphinxes may appear as horses). The sphinxes are not moving forward, but each one is looking in a different direction. And so, the chariot isn’t moving forward, despite the knight’s impatient expression.

The seventh card of the tarot follows the Lovers. If the theme of balance was dominant in the Lovers, it carries over here, and so does duality. We notice a similar layout, with two figures representing the yin and yang, standing (or sitting) underneath a more powerful figure at the top center of the card. 

The Chariot represents your energy in movement. You’re literally taking yourself to the next step, making concrete moves to get there. But there’s something that’s preventing that motion from happening.The Chariot appearing in a spread is a sign that you should try to  figure out what’s keeping you from being where you’re supposed to be — you’ll get there eventually, but why take the long, grueling, detour-filled road when you can soar down the easier path? Ask yourself if you’re carrying extra baggage that’s slowing you down. Perhaps you might be wasting energy in the wrong endeavors, or possibly spreading yourself too thin. Or, maybe you’re being indecisive about what you really want. Lastly, when I get this card during a reading, I advise my clients (or myself!) to visit an energy healer and get any potential blockages removed so their chakras are balanced and their energy flows evenly. 

Either way, you may think you’re ready to move forward with things, but you aren’t quite there yet: there’s some work that needs to be done so you can figuratively get your sphinxes or horses to get up and start heading towards the same direction so you can soar towards your goals.