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The Cherry Blossom trays are here!

For years, I wandered through the aisles of AC Moore, thinking about all the things I could create and sell. I had visions of crocheted afghans, jewellery, homemade chocolate truffles, painted wooden objects. But I would keep making excuses – “I don’t have enough money to invest in this, no one will buy anything I make, I don’t know how to sell anything online.” – etc.

Until now. During one of my trips at the craft store this year, to buy something the kid I babysit needed for a school project, I walked by the same aisles, imagining the collections of handmade objects I dreamt of making and selling. And, instead of feeling negative and defeated, I had one of those amazing lightbulb moments. “2019 is your year,” said my now-enlightened* inner self. “Whatever you do this year is bound to be successful. You already have a business all set up, and you can certainly sell anything you make yourself. And you now have enough money to buy basic materials and tools. Go for it!”  

And so I went for it (credits to my amazing friend Jeannie Payette, who not only encouraged me to do it, but helped me set my prices and find customers by sharing my work!) I let my intuition guide me to the wooden projects aisle, and purchased a couple of trays and boxes, along with some acrylic paint, sealers and brushes. And later that night when I returned home, I sat down with my unopened paints and unfinished trays, a little nervous because it had been so long since I had allowed myself to do something creative other than writing. I closed my eyes, took a few slow, deep breaths, sending energy to my sacral chakra** and letting inspiration come to me.

And it came in the image of cherry blossoms, which I see and feel thankful for every single day this spring (you’ve probably seen many of them on my Instagram – here and here). I found myself mixing paints, with, first, a blue background to represent the sky, and then an explosion of pink blooms accented with touches of gold here and there.

This is how my first trays came to be. They come in three different sizes (large: 14″x10.5″, medium: 13″x10″, and small: 9″x6x set of three nesting trays) and are available for sale here.

I also take custom orders and will be making more designs – inspired by other things around me, I have no doubt!

By the way, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have gotten a sneak peek or two of my jewellery boxes, which will coming soon, along with many other exciting items.

After all, this is 2019, and I truly feel that the sky is my limit!

*Thank you yoga, meditation, and reiki!

**Five years ago I would have never believe I’d ever write or say, “sending energy to my sacral chakra,” let alone actually do it!

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