The Empress.

Number: 3.
Astrological correspondence: Venus.
Keywords: Abundance, prosperity, fertility, womanhood, beauty.
The Empress beyond tarot: Aphrodite.  

Surrounded by lush greenery, the Empress sits on her throne. She is shrouded in a beautiful gown, holds a scepter in her right hand, and wears her crown proudly. Before her are abundant fields of wheat, and the female symbol appears at the bottom of her seat. The Empress looks happy and grateful, but remains elegant and royal nonetheless. She knows that whatever she touches turns to gold, and she believes in herself. In many decks, the Empress is often represented with her children by her side — another manifestation of her abundance that she will show off proudly and protect ferociously. 

The Empress, like the Popess, another representation of powerful womanhood. However, while the Popess’s power comes from spirituality and knowledge before anything else, the Empress enjoys the abundance she has worked hard to achieve. Because, unlike the Emperor, who comes right after her, the Empress doesn’t take her blessings for granted. Just like the Popess, she had to defeat odds to be where she is, and she will defend her position fiercely if it’s threatened. 

The Empress represents the holy trinity of abundance, beauty, and fertility. She’s a smart, powerful woman who utilized knowledge and intelligence to rise above her circumstances, but she doesn’t take her power for granted and uses it wisely. When you see it in a reading, ask yourself whether you give yourself enough credit for everything you have already achieved. Picture yourself having reached your goals — feel how it would feel like, imagine what your daily life would be like once you have what you’ve always wanted. Journal about it. Meditate on what abundance is and what it means to you. Is it an abundance of money? Good health? Knowledge? Experiences? Love? 

Ask yourself what femininity means to you and nurture it. Treat yourself like royalty because this is who you are, and this is how you can bring out your inner Empress and bless those around you with your golden touch.  And once you’ve defined what abundance means to you, go for it. Launch that new business, write that book, start that blog. You got this!