The Happiness List: A Journaling Exercise to Grow Your Manifestation Powers

The Happiness List: A Journaling Exercise to Grow Your Manifestation Powers

You probably heard this many times already: the principle of the law of attraction is that energy attracts similar energy.

So if you want to manifest a life filled with joy, abundance, and fulfillment, you need to vibrate at the same frequency of joy, abundance, and fulfillment.

How, you ask?

By generating the energy of joy. By focusing on it, creating and fostering it within you so that it grows and expand beyond you.

I know this might sound like a relatively abstract concept. In fact, at certain times, I struggled with the law of attraction because I couldn’t think of practical applications of it, especially when it came to generate significant, life-changing amounts of joy.

But when I turned inward, I was given guidance. More than once, I was told exactly what to do.

At one time in my life, I was living in a toxic environment. I was spending my days in a small, cramped room with my cat, unable to leave the house or see friends without consequences, unable to use the kitchen, hence having to subside on junk food that made my skin break out. On top of that, I was given the silent treatment, so I practically spent all my time on my phone and laptop. I felt all alone, didn’t know how to leave without consequences on my life and work, and essentially faced a lot of anxiety about the future.

Sooner or later, I remembered that I could turn to prayer. And through prayer, I was guided from above to open my journaling app and write a list of 111 things that made me happy. I jotted down anything that came to my mind, from simple things like baking a batch of Earl Grey scones or banana bread, watching NCIS with a nice glass of whiskey and some gummy candy (it’s my favorite guilty pleasure!), receiving new watercolor supplies in the mail, and going to the beach, to traveling the world, getting married, having kids, seeing my books on best-selling lists.

At the time, I thought it was a good coping skill. I was able to escape from my depressing surroundings and picture myself doing things I loved. It was more than a coping skill, though. It helped me raise my vibrational energy, and that quickly got me out of that toxic living situation and into much better ones. Today, I am living a beautiful life, but I still do this exercise when I need a little energetic pick-me-up. But looking at my initial journal entry reminds me not to take things for granted. For instance, I am about to go make some banana bread for my girlfriend and I once I am done writing this post!

How to do the Happiness List exercise:

  1. Take something you can write on, like a notepad or your phone.
  2. Pick a number that has a special significance to you (I have 111, but I recommend any number above 50).
  3. Make a substantial list of things that make you happy.  It could be activities, items, people, places, etc. Just spend a few seconds with every thing you list, feeling the joy that comes from it. Don’t worry about being frivolous. Don’t worry about being materialistic. Don’t worry about looking too far ahead in the future. You can imagine people who aren’t yet in your life (romantic partner, children, friends, clients, etc). Do this for some time, jotting down in a stream-of-consciousness way everything that makes you happy.

Here are a few things from my most recent Happiness List:
– Spending a Sunday afternoon at the beach and watching the sunset.
– Taking my girlfriend on a post-coronavirus romantic trip to D.C.  
– Getting the set of professional watercolours I’ve been eying (or as E. says, “tyooooooooobzzzz!”)
– Grabbing artisanal ice cream from the place down the street.
– Painting people as well as Inslee Fariss (but in my own style!).
– Baking some strawberry scones.
– Hosting my next book launch event.

When you’re done writing your list, notice how you feel. Notice whether the tension or heartache has reduced or even left your body; and notice the joy that has replaced it. Stay with that feeling of joy, and let it empower you and grow.

The more you keep doing this exercise, the more you will attract some of that happiness. The more you will look at your previous lists and think, “wow, this is my reality now!” and realize that more of this can become your reality. So make it part of your regular practice, and keep at it!

I’m off to have some banana bread, but I hope you will give my Happiness List a try! Let me know how it goes for you, and how your body, mind and soul feel after this exercise!

Much love,


Photo credits: Carolyn V.

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