The Keys To Manifestation

The Keys To Manifestation

Have you ever wondered how people you know have managed to have amazing careers, live in their dream homes, and find the love of their life?

I used to be the girl who asked herself, “why doesn’t this ever happen to me?”. In my early twenties, I was in unhappy relationships, toxic and abusive people were dragging me down, and I worked unsatisfying jobs, feeling like I was wasting my life away. 

Today, I am living my best life: I am healthy and love myself, I live exactly where I want to be, and I am surrounded by love in countless forms, from a wonderful partner to amazing friends, and let’s not forget my loving, sweet, slightly hysterical fur babies! And, most importantly, as a tarot coach and published author, I get to make a living from writing about what helped me create the life I’ve always wanted, and by guiding people towards their dreams!

My business is called The Empress Within after the third tarot card of the Major Arcana, and my favorite one of all. The Empress, to me, is an intelligent, beautiful, sexy, elegant, creative woman who exists in each and every one of us. She isn’t necessarily born with a silver spoon in her mouth, and has, like all of us, faced adversity, but will connect with her inner spiritual powers and keep building her empire (in other words, the life she’s always wanted in all its aspects) with the stones that have been thrown at her. 

In this online course, I will teach you, through eleven interactive lessons and fun activities, the keys to manifesting the life you’ve always dreamt of. 

Together, we will explore our desires, journal, create physical representations of the magic you’re unearthing, and tap into the Universe’s limitless goodness to connect with the Empress within you and bring her out in her full splendor and glory. 

This course will take place once a month, beginning on the 1st day of the month, and ending on the 11th. Dates for 2020 are May 1st-11th, June 1st-11th, July 1st-11th, August 1st-11th, September 1st-11th, October 1st-11th, November 1st-11th, and December 1st-11th, 2020.

The cost to participate is $11.11 (an angelic number and a sign you should click on the Paypal button below and join! ;)) You will have the option to select which month you want to take the course below.

I cannot wait to share with you my keys for manifestation and seeing you bring about your wildest dreams! 

So don’t hesitate, and sign up via Paypal below!