The Magician.

Number: 1.
Astrological correspondence: Mercury.
Keywords: Magic, alchemy, creation, empowerment.
The Magician beyond tarot: King Solomon, Nicolas Flamel. 

The Magician stands confidently behind a table or altar, holding his wand up high and ready to put his powers to use. An infinity sign appears above his head to represent the endless cycle of transformation, and flowers represent abundance and fruitfulness. The four elements are present: the wands representing Fire, the coins Earth, the swords Air, and the cups Water. Magic is about to happen, and it comes with the near-guarantee that it will be successful, fruitful and powerful. 

If the Fool is about embarking on a journey towards new beginning, the Magician is about taking the first step to bring about something to sustain on. The Magician, like the Fool, is confident in his abilities. He knows he can create everything he wants from what he already has, even if it isn’t necessarily much, because he has the power to transform what he has into what he seeks.

The Magician, hence, represents your ability to manifest and create anything you’d like with what you already have. You have this ability, even if all you have is your ability to think, and maybe a single tool to create something with (a notebook or a computer, for instance, or just enough paint to create a work of art, sell it, buy more supplies and create more paintings to sell, and so on). The presence of the four elements is a reminder of the law of Lavoisier: nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. In this case, the thing being transformed becomes more precious, moe abundant, and more fruitful. 

I like this card because I drew it when I started my business — all I had was an idea and a laptop with internet access, and here I am today! So when you see this card, remember that you have what you need within yourself to bring about what you want! Brainstorm how you can bring about your vision, and picture yourself having it, because you have the power within you, and the power is all you need, for it is endless.