The Pope.

Number: 5
Astrological correspondence: Taurus.
Keywords: Influence.
The Pope beyond tarot: The High Sparrow in Game of Thrones, Professor Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series.

Dressed in scarlet papal regalia, crowned with a highly decorated mitre, holding a scepter, the Pope (or Hierophant) is a powerful figure as well. Like his female equivalent, he is flanked by two columns, but he sits on an elevated throne. Pointing the fingers of his right hand towards the sky, he is preaching to the people standing before him in adoration. They are way below him, putting him in a position of superiority. Lastly, the keys at his feet are a symbol of the knowledge he doesn’t openly share with the masses, but disseminates little by little and in a controlled manner, so he can maintain his influence on them. 

If the Emperor represented political power, the Pope is a supreme influence in spirituality and wisdom. In fact, he and the Popess surround the Empress and the Emperor, reminding us that spirituality and knowledge should come before earthly goods and power. But unlike the Popess, who uses knowledge as a spiritual practice, the Pope uses knowledge as a tool for influence. 

The Pope is about appearances, he speaks to the masses and they follow him. It can be a good thing or a bad thing, for obvious reasons. So when you see the Pope appear in a spread, you can ask yourself whether you need a spiritual mentor, and try to find one. If you have one already, ask yourself if they are well-meaning in their teachings, or try to just influence and manipulate anyone with what they sell. Do they practice what they preach? Ask yourself that question often, and let your intuition answer it. If you have any doubts pop up at any time about them, don’t be afraid to question their influence and teachings. They’re only human, after all. 

If you feel the Pope relates to you, ask yourself what kind of influence you are for people who look up to you — this can apply if you’re a teacher or doctor, for instance. And make it a point to use your influence on anyone responsibly.