The Star.

Number: 17.
Astrological correspondence: Aquarius.
Keywords: Hope, gratitude, protection, victory is near.
The Star beyond tarot: the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella. 

On a night with starry skies, under a large, glowing star, a naked woman kneels at the edge of a river or stream, pouring water back into it from two jugs. She is surrounded by greenery, with a tree on top of which a bird is perched, and mountains or hills in the distance. 

After the dark, claustrophobic and harrowing settings of the Devil and the Tower, the seventeenth card of the Major Arcana is a welcome breath of fresh air. The presence of water and pouring motion are reminiscent of Temperance, but there’s something else as well. Water will carry itself to the next card, the Moon, as well. 

The figure in the Star is stationary. There’s no movement, aside from the meditative pouring of water back into the stream. Like Temperance, the Star takes a break after hardship that has made he a better, stronger version of herself. This time, she gives thanks for her blessings, practices self-care, and dotes on what (or who) is around her. 

The Star represents hope and gratitude. It is, to me, an example of how the Law of Attraction works. The star that appears is a distant Sun (which we will see two cards later) and the promise of happiness and fulfilment that is present, within our grasp. How do we achieve this happiness? By practicing gratitude and self-care on a daily basis. Start a gratitude journal,   and take a bubble bath every once in a while, focusing on the beautiful gift of water and air that nature has presented you with. Focus on abundance, rather than lack, on giving, rather than taking and keeping to yourself, and you will continue receiving everything you’ve ever wanted.

Lastly, when you get the Star in a reading, know that what you want is very, very near. Let go of your doubts, and go for it, because you have the ability to make success yours.