The Sun.

Number: 19.
Astrological correspondence: Sun.
Keywords: Victory, accomplishment, joy, fulfillment.
The Sun beyond tarot: lemons, citrine, sunflowers. 

Under a gleaming, bright sun, a child-like nude figure wearing a crown of flowers rides, with arms and legs spread, on a white horse. The figure carries a large red flag. Sunflowers appear in the background.

The Sun is the victory promised in the Star and Moon, and the happiest card in the entire tarot. It is followed by Judgment, which takes things up to a different level spiritually, and readies our awareness for something bigger. 

The Sun is the promise of happiness, accomplishment and fulfillment. When you see it in your spread, you can almost always be sure that the outcome of your endeavors will be positive. In fact, sometimes they might be even better than what you expected. That’s often the reason why things don’t always go the way you want them to — the energy of what you are manifesting is even bigger than what you think is possible. So take time to write down a list of what you want, even things you believe are beyond your wildest dreams, and BELIEVE you can make them happen. When you get what you’ve wanted and worked for, enjoy, celebrate, and, filling yourself up with the idea of how much of a powerful miracle maker you are, think of how you can consolidate and expand beyond all limits. 

But remember, the rounded shape of the Sun brings us back to the wheel of fortune. Once you are at the top, remember that things will change at some point, because the wheel is always turning. So enjoy and celebrate, but know you need to move on to the next thing soon, and create a brand new journey that leads to a brand new victory.