The World.

Number: 21.
Astrological correspondence: Saturn.
Keywords: Completion, new beginnings, journey, no limits.
The World beyond tarot: The Universe, the Earth. 

Like the Wheel of Fortune, the World has, in each corner, The Lion, the Ox, the Man and the Eagle, who represent the four evangelists or the four classical elements. In its center, surrounded by a green wreath, is a naked woman holding a staff in each hand as she dances or hovers.

The twenty-first card comes after Judgment to conclude the Major Arcana. If Judgment was about karma and divinity, the World takes us even farther by reminding us how big and limitless the Universe is.

The World represents accomplishment and completion of a cycle. It can also mean travel and broadened horizons. While this can be literal, it can also be figurative: how can you go farther than before in various areas and find new ways to improve them? When a present cycle comes to an end, what are you going to do next? How can you expand, having learned from your experience? 

When you see this card, think of universality and connection. Plan to travel, or at least connect with people outside your sphere. Expand your horizons by looking for something bigger, as there are no limits to the Universe. And lastly, never stop learning; always look for a new journey to undertake.