Things I just love about fall

Things I just love about fall

I have to confess, I am feeling a little blue that summer is over, and it was so chaotic that I didn’t get to really enjoy it. But I’m finding consolation in the fact that there will be many more summers and countless memories to be made, and that for now, my favorite season is back.

At the risk of sounding like a walking Pumpkin-Spice-Latte Girl cliché, yes, I admit fall is my favorite season. I always loved the energy of renewal that came with the back-to-school season. Fall, after all, has always meant new beginnings to me, even more than January 1st.

Aside from that, here are nine more things I love about fall:

  1. The weather gets cooler, a much welcome change from the sweltering heat of July and August. You can finally enjoy fresh air (and the magnificent autumn tree leaves) without feeling as if you are in a giant sauna (this said, I fully believe in the benefits of saunas! I’ll tell you more soon!).
  2. You can finally wear make-up without it melting all over! I love make-up, I think of it as an art form, but cannot wear more than CC Cream with SPF and a touch of my favorite highlighter in the summer. Cooler weather is the perfect time for me to take out the foundation, contouring kits, eyeshadow palettes, and my favorite red lipstick and have a blast with all of that!
  3. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Yes, at the risk of sounding like a #BasicWhiteGirl, they are really good. Delicious actually. Pumpkin Spice on everything is delicious.
  4. Talking of delicious, I’ve posted about these on my Instagram: Candy Corn and Mellowcreme Pumpkins. It’s funny because when I first came to the States, I couldn’t stand the taste, but it’s grown on me since, and I now wait for them impatiently all year long (same for Valentine’s heart candy! What can I say, I’ve got quite the sweet tooth!).
  5. Being able to make heartier dishes again and bake my heart out without it being too hot to stand having an oven on! I’ve got long list of recipes I am planning to try out this fall!
  6. Apple-picking and pumpkin patches and haunted hay rides! And making apple preserves, and apple turnovers, and many more dishes with apples!
  7. Everything Halloween, from the ambiance to the extravagant decorations that rival with one another – my favorite holiday happens to be an institution here, and I’m thinking about possibly hosting my very first spooky party! On that matter, I’ll soon be republishing a post I wrote last year about the spiritual meaning of Halloween, so stay tuned, but in short, I feel the veil between the spirit world and ours becomes much thinner at this time of the year, and I just love indulging in my spiritual (aka slightly witchy) practices and doing more tarot readings! On that matter, don’t hesitate to book a reading with me and take advantage of my special offer for first-time customers!
  8. Fall fashion. Thicker fabrics that allow for more creativity when planning your outfits, and shopping trips to hunt down the perfect cashmere sweater, rain boots and trench coat (I’m manifesting a vintage Burberry that will fit me – and my budget – like a glove!).
  9. The tarot and tea workshop I’m doing on October 19th! If you are in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, don’t hesitate and book your spot here!

What are your favorite things about the fall? Let me know in the comments below!

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

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