Empress Chronicles, Part 9: Thoughts on miracles, big and small 🌟

Empress Chronicles, Part 9: Thoughts on miracles, big and small 🌟

Miracles happen much often than you think. They happen every day, in fact, and to anyone who aligns themselves with the divine energy that has created us. Once you turn from fear to love, miracles flow with no restraint into your life.

How do I know that?

Because the life I am living right now is a series of miraculous happenings.

I’m sitting on the couch wrapped in a soft blanket, sipping peppermint tea and writing this post (after which I intend to do some journaling and work on my next book).

My wonderful girlfriend is napping on the right, and my cat Julia is curled in a ball on the left side (I’m petting her fuzzy, furry belly).

The dog is sleeping by my feet, and our male cat is probably in the bathroom, destroying some more toilet paper like the rascal he is.

Our home smells delicious, with candles and essential oils diffusing their scents here and there.

And I couldn’t feel more blessed, happy, and fulfilled right now.

When I reflect on past week, I just feel so grateful for everything that the new moon energy has helped me invite into my life. I made major strides on my next book, changed the appearance of my website, and launched my first-ever full-moon group tarot reading (it’s on July 6th at 5PM E.T., and there are still a few spots available, so sign up here!). I even dug out my gel manicure kit and put on some bright red nail polish for the first time in almost a year!

The other day, I went on a mini-adventure to Newport News with my girlfriend, where we had delicious Jamaican food in a gorgeous park by the water after visiting the World Market, one of my favorite stores. When I still lived with relatives in Maryland, I used to escape to my nearby World Market and imagine, for hours on end, how I would furnish my very own home. Today, this dream has come true: I live in a happy, healthy, beautiful home, filled with good vibes only, and I couldn’t feel more blessed. I am working on a watercolor illustration of this trip and will share it with you soon!

Yesterday was our eight-month anniversary. As I was getting ready, my girlfriend encouraged me to play around with my hair and try something new. So I decided to do some sort of a crown-like French braid that started at the top of my head and ended with a side ponytail. I don’t know if you can picture it from the way I am describing it, but The Taurus loved it and said it really highlighted my features quite well! We picked up some artisanal ice cream from a place down the street from us (Earl Grey for me, butterfinger for her), then went by the water, where we drank champagne in inconspicuous coffee cups while watching the most magnificent sunset.

We listed everything we are grateful for, then moved on about our dreams for the future, and what we want to accomplish individually and together. The moment we reached that subject, fireworks appeared in the sky. Could this possibly have been more romantic? I don’t think so. I also believe that aside from people celebrating something (or perhaps practicing for the 4th of July?), this was a sign from the Universe that our dreams are coming true.

After all, my beautiful, darling friends, we have the power within us to bring about whatever we wish for! Every single thing I have right now, from my home to my girlfriend, to my pets, to my health, to my business, to my friends, is the product of miraculous happenings.

You are a miracle worker. Once you allow this truth to fill you, it removes all obstacles and everything you have ever prayed for flows to you.I wish you a magnificent Sunday, and a beautiful new week!

Much love and namasté,

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