The Wheel of Fortune: Three Steps to Break Free from a Vicious Cycle

The Wheel of Fortune: Three Steps to Break Free from a Vicious Cycle

Happy Monday!

The tarot card I pulled for us this week is the Wheel of Fortune. 

This card, the tenth of the Major Arcana, puts the spotlight on cycles that we may be, even unconsciously, stuck in. 

I may sound like a broken record saying this, but this card, just like every single one I pulled, is completely on point, because I definitely have come to realize that I’m stuck in a couple vicious cycles, with both my career and my self-worth. 

And while being stuck in the cycle may feel discouraging, awareness is the first step to breaking free and replacing the vicious cycle with a better dynamic that actually moves you forward. 

To do that, I encourage you to follow these three steps (that I’m applying for myself!):

1. Take a moment to look at what isn’t working out for you, and, with a non-judgmental attitude, look at how these issues have popped up in the past. This is how you identify any cycles you may be stuck in. 

2. Identify the most accessible thing you can do to start breaking free from the cycle. What do you need to happen? And rather than wait for that thing to happen, how can you make it happen, even on a much smaller and accessible scale?

3. Be gentle with yourself and show yourself love. It’s okay to have feelings of anger and disappointment in yourself pop up, especially when you become fully aware of self-destructive behavior you have engaged in. You know better now, and you have the beautiful, infinite power to forgive your past self and release any negative energy you’re holding on to. 

I will be going live in the Empress Collective Facebook Community to talk about the cycles I’m breaking free from and the exact actions I’m taking to do that. You can join me on the live or watch the replay by requesting to join the Community here:

Hope to see you there!


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