What happens during a tarot consultation

When I perform a consultation, I generally use an elaborate three-part spread that I’ve come up with early in my discovery of tarot. Think of it as an essay with three main parts, two paragraphs in each part, and a final conclusion – it’s a natural consequence of having been in the French educational system! This is my basic, one-size-fits-all spread, but I will occasionally do other ones depending on particular situations you seek guidance with.

When I read the cards, I try to cover all their different meanings: the traditional symbolism, the numerological signification, the genders, the planetary or astrological association of each card (it can be important determining time periods!), and even their relations to other cards that may or may not appear in the drawing.

What you can expect to get with me:

  • Friendliness, professionalism, and confidentiality*.
  • Compassionate and judgment-free advice based on the cards drawn for you.
  • A detailed, careful analysis of the cards that are drawn.
  • If the consultation is in person or over the phone: the opportunity to ask me to elaborate or answer particular questions that pop up during the consultation in a conversational setting.
  • If the consultation is in writing: a photo of your spread and a PDF document with your results in a detailed essay that covers all the aforementioned aspects of each card. If you have any particular questions, you will be given the opportunity to send them to me before the reading, and I will answer them all.
  • Referral to other professionals if needed.
  • LGBT-friendliness – bring on ALL the rainbows! (I may or may not be expert on LGBT issues and relationships ;))


What you won’t be getting:

  • Answers to questions pertaining to legal cases, outcomes of illnesses, deaths, missing persons, minor children, breaking other people’s marriages or causing people harm – cause Karma.
  • Guessing your birthdate, marital status, colour of your underpants or who’s going to win the next FIFA World Cup/Superbowl/US Presidential election.
  • Any definitive answers – I do not offer any guarantees on anything since your future is in your hands and only your hands!
  • Spell-casting or curse breaking.
  • Mediumship or any form of communication with the dead.
  • Religious or spiritual proselytism – I will not push any beliefs on you and will always try to remain as neutral as possible (it’s that French secularism ingrained in me!)
  • Hearing that you’ve got a curse on you and you need to pay thousands of dollars for me to remove it – I’ve had a psychic try this with me when I was very young (hear: naive) and nearly fell for it. It’s sad she turned out to be a scam artist because all the other things she said to me ended up happening within the next few years.
  • A refund because you don’t like the reading – I have a strict no-refund policy, but nobody has ever asked me for one!

*unless you threaten to hurt yourself or someone else.