What to think of the Mercury Retrograde.

What to think of the Mercury Retrograde.

Photo credits: Jim Witkowski.

A question I often get is, “What do you think of the Mercury retrograde? Is it real? How much does it affect us, and what can we do to best make it through this period?”

A Mercury retrograde occurs three to four times a year. It is a phase of about three weeks during which the planet Mercury appears to be going backward (here’s a full explanation of this phenomenon). Because Mercury is the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology, the retrograde is thought to affect communication, relationships, technology, and travel.

When I first learned about the Mercury retrograde and what it meant, I began dreading it, and inevitably, when it would come, countless problems with technology and vehicles, miscommunications, and even small disasters would begin to take place in my life. I attributed all of that to the retrograde, which only made me dread it more. To say that I drained myself emotionally and spiritually is an understatement.

Today, however, my attitude when it comes to the Mercury retrograde is far more relaxed. The reason for that is because I have learned, through my spiritual journey, that we attract what we are and feel. If we allow ourselves to expect miscommunication, issues with technology, and disasters, this is what we will attract into our life. If, however, we choose to attract a smooth journey through this phase by welcoming it with peace and mindfulness, we will get to sail smoothly through it.

I am no astrologer, but I’m not one to look down on astrology and ignore planetary movements either. My belief is that celestial bodies are distant from us, so they do affect us to a certain degree (I believe in zodiac signs and Chinese astrology, for instance!). But we have much more free will than we are made to believe. And we have the free will to not let a planet’s retrograde ruin our life.

To me, today, Mercury retrogrades are a perfect time to slow down and turn inward. I also become more mindful of how I communicate with loved ones, and remind myself to think before speaking or making any big decisions.

I follow the general advice of taking as many precautions as possible and double-checking everything related to travel, technology, and communications. Doing so is a habit that should be done at all times, and not during specific planetary phases. For instance, I am currently writing a book, and I make sure to back everything up on two different cloud services. So we could say that the Mercury retrograde teaches us good habits when it comes to not taking the good functioning of technology, communications, and travel for granted.

There’s no way to stop time or otherwise prevent retrogrades from happening. If we could, life would be extremely boring and one-dimensional. We need planetary ebbs and flows to add a little bit of spice and a sprinkle of challenge here and there. But most importantly, we have power over how we let them affect us. We have the ability to prepare ourselves as much as possible, so their influence on our life is minimal and positive. And lastly, we have the power of thought, which is all we need to only attract happy, positive things into our life, no matter what is going on in the skies above us!

Let me know in the comments section what you think about the Mercury retrograde. I would love to hear how you like to prepare yourself for it, and in what ways it affects your life!

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PS: I like to diffuse this essential oils blend during the retrograde – I feel like its ingredients help clear any weird energy and allow everything to run smoothly.


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