Who/What is the Empress?

The Empress is a spiritual concept based on the eponymous Major Arcana tarot card.

Picture a woman who has not only overcome adversity, but has also raised herself above the bare minimum level of survival, taken her power back, and created a life where she is healing, thriving, and even empowering others.

She has done so through a combination of important decisions, mindful and meaningful life changes, and a spiritual practice that guided her towards this turnaround.

And while she now lives a happy, blessed life, she also knows her value because she hasn’t forgotten the fight she led to build her own empire from the stones thrown at her, the fight that didn’t kill her, but made her stronger.

She knows her worth, is uncompromising about her values, and stands up proudly for herself.

She cultivates her own intelligence and her awareness of the world she lives in through education and cultural competency, because she knows that knowledge is power.

She is fully aware of her own strength and resilience, but also understands the importance of healing as a lifelong journey.

As such, she prioritizes her well-being and mental health through self-care, nurturing, and being conscious of her needs.

And while she can certainly love others, she never does it at the expense of her own self – she sets firm boundaries around her and is mindful with the people, situation, and energy she allows into her life.


Every one of us has an Empress living within them.

She is the embodiment of powerful, beautiful, creative, divine feminine energy.

No matter how much adversity we have faced, when we tune into the energy of our Inner Empress, we awaken our infinite power.

We only generate more power when we stand up to the evils that have kept us small: narcissism, abuse, racism, sexism, and all the other products of patriarchy and white supremacy.

And the more we take our power back, the more we empower other women, by inspiring them with our story, or actively working to help them take their power back.

Whether we help one woman or a million, we create a domino effect that, in time, turns into a movement of empowered women who make the world a better, more peaceful, and more just place for everyone.

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash