Why empower women?

“If more women were put in charge, there would be less war, kids would be better taken care of and there would be a general improvement in living standards and outcomes.”

—Barack Obama.


The major principle upon which The Empress Within was founded is the empowerment of women.

Feminine energy is a powerful energy of creation.

When it finds expression in women (both cis and transgender), this has so much potential to bless, to better, and to heal.

For so long, women all over the world have endured varying levels of oppression and adversity, and so many still do today, from abusive living and work situations to institutionalized misogyny, racism, and homophobia.

To take our power back means to stand up to adversity, refuse it, and resolve to put one hell of a fight to no longer let it rule you.

This doesn’t mean that every woman alive needs to become a guru or a Nobel Prize winner – even if she is destined to only empower another person, just by telling her story or being an example of what empowerment feels like.

Because when a woman empowers another, it creates a ripple effect that, in time, will have consequences powerful enough to change the world.

We are aware that many women have more privilege than others.

This privilege can be racial, financial, social, educational, health-related, and more.

As such, those who have more power and privilege have a duty to take their power back, and then utilize it to help other women with less power and privilege.

Together, we can transform the world. This will take time, and a lot of it will not happen in our lifetime, but we all have our leg of the journey to run.

And it begins with you.

It begins when you decide to no longer settle for a life that doesn’t bring you happiness, fulfilment and peace.

It begins when you decide to stand up for yourself and refuse to be bullied in any context, by anyone.

It begins when you decide that the energy you are spending throughout your lifetime will be mindfully used to serve you (and, to a certain extent, those you love).

It begins when you choose yourself, a decision that stems from the love you decide to feel towards yourself.