#WitchyWednesday: A spell to feel better

#WitchyWednesday: A spell to feel better

It took me a few days to figure out what I wanted to cover for this week’s #WitchyWednesday post. But when the idea of a feel-better spell popped in my mind, I knew it was perfect. After all, a couple of weeks ago, I felt the post-holiday winter blues get to me. So I made something similar to cheer myself up. Even earlier today, as I painted the above illustration, I could feel happy energy fill me up and replenish me.

In this spell, you channel the idea of happiness from within you. And then, you project it onto a pastry you will eat, or a beverage you will drink, or both (cause why not!). I also suggest including a bag of candy, so you can eat them as you go. You will use a lot of lemon in its different forms, because 1) it contains Vitamin C  and that’s good for you, 2) the scent will cheer you up, so will the color yellow, 3) lemons are linked to the sun, and the sun is the ultimate way to bust the blues and bring in more happiness.

You will need a lemon, some lemon candy, a lemon cake or cupcake, lemonade, gold glitter, lemon essential oil, a yellow candle, your petition on a piece of paper, yellow flowers, and The Sun tarot card. As always, you don’t need to use the specific ingredients that I mention here; they’re just suggestions.

Begin by taking a few deep breaths, grounding and centering yourself, and focusing on your intention. Take out The Sun from your tarot deck, and look at it, meditating on its significance for a few minutes.

Set your edible goods (cake, lemonade, and/or candy) on a plate near your workspace.

Write your petition. It can be something simple, like: “I ask for help so I (or someone else) may feel happy again”. Then, anoint it with lemon oil and fold it. You can check this post for more detailed instructions on how to make a petition. Set it down on your ritual space.

Cut your lemon into slices and display them in a circle, in the center of which you will set up your candle in a fire-safe holder. Set your flowers nearby, or use them to create a crown to surround your candle. Sprinkle the circle with gold glitter, picturing sunshine coming down from the sky and filling you with pure, child-like happiness.

Light your candle, and focus on joy filling you. Picture clouds parting to reveal magnificent sunshine. Imagine a bright, summer day, where you can be outdoors, enjoying nature. Hold your hands over your candle (being careful not to burn yourself), and let that sunny joy fill them. Picture that light as malleable, as if you can play with it with your hands, and grow it as you breathe. Then, carry that joyful energy over to the edible goods, and picture them being infused with it as the heat comes out of your hands and into the food. You can repeat that if you feel it necessary – it might take some practice to do it all at once.

After that, let the candle burn and just focus on the energy of happiness. You can consume your lemon pastry and drink your lemonade. Or, you could write a list of things that make you happy, play with a pet, or do something that brings you joy. You can even cook or bake something, infusing it with the energy of happiness you just channeled.

Once the candle has burnt down, you can bury the lemon slices on your property, allowing that happiness to grow. You can also distribute the flowers to loved ones, or let them dry and display them in your home.

And voilà! Start noticing the joyful things that happen around you once you’ve done this spell. It could be good news, surprises, unexpectedly warm and sunny days, people reaching out to you… There are no limits to happiness once you surround yourself with it! It’s the law of attraction, after all: you attract what you think. So the happier you feel, the more happiness you will bring into your life!

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and don’t hesitate to post pictures of your ritual on Instagram and tag @theempresswithin in them!

Much, much love,


PS: you can totally use citrine crystals, charge them with happiness, and carry them around with you. I just realized I forgot to put them on my illustration for this post!

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