#WitchyWednesday: Feelin’ lucky!

#WitchyWednesday: Feelin’ lucky!

Namasté witchies!

Today, I wanted to share with you this watercolor illustration I made about the things I like to have around me to feel lucky!

The most obvious is my sweet, fuzzy, dorky, adorable black cat Julia. It took me three years to manifest her – I meditated daily on connecting with my future cat’s soul while holding a small obsidian carved cat (similar to this one) between my hands. I adopted Julia in December 2016 and she has brought me nothing but joy, luck, strength, and laughter. I didn’t know I could love so strongly until she came into my life.

Being Lebanese, I tend to believe in the Evil Eye, but know good ways to protect myself from it. I burn the incense my grandmother regularly sends me (it reminds me of going to church with her as a child), and wear turquoise jewelry or put pieces of it around the house. I also own a few Evil Eye-repelling amulets that I keep in my home and my car.

The Khamsa (also known as the Hand of Fatima, or Hand of Myriam) is my favorite protection symbol, after a dangerous experience out of which I made it unscathed (I’ll tell that story one day). I intend on getting it tattooed on my wrist one day (in other words, as soon as I get over my fear of being repetitively poked with a needle that whirrs menacingly). But in the meantime, I carry this keychain to bless my home and my loved ones with safety.

As a teenager, I had a set of Guatemalan worry dolls, to which I told my worries before going to bed. Looking back, I can say that they were definitely taken care of. I love this cute tradition and hope to pass it down to my kids one day.

I always get very excited when I’m reading tarot cards and the Sun appears in my spread. It is the happiest card in the entire tarot, and my second-favourite after The Empress. (Psssst: you can learn why by getting your hands on a copy of my book, You Hold The Cards!)

Please tell me what your favorite lucky charms are in the comments below!

Much love to you all,


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