#WitchyWednesday: Prosperity Jar

#WitchyWednesday: Prosperity Jar

It’s #WitchyWednesday, kids! 

The first full moon of the year and decade is this Friday, and my intention is to share more witchy content in 2020 because I’m an #OutOfTheBroomCloset #ProudLesbianWitch. So today, I’d like to show you the prosperity jar I created. The purpose of this jar is to be a physical representation of the wealth and abundance I am bringing into my household and my life, for my loved ones and myself. 

This isn’t the first abundance or money jar I ever made, but it’s a little different from the ones I’ve put together in recent years. My intention for this spell is to attract more tarot clients and sell lots of books so I can be financially free, support other holistic business owners more frequently (for instance, getting reiki three times a week with this fabulous lady), move into and furnish a bigger home, investing into my business, and reach other important goals that I’ll share with you throughout the year. 

My approach towards magic is that you should use easy, readily-available items that you have on hand and that have a particular significance to you, rather than break the bank (especially for a money spell). Be flexible, resourceful, and creative, kids! Some witches claim that if you want your spell or ritual to be successful, you need to use specific items that cost quite a lot and can be difficult to obtain. I disagree with this. There were times where I used nothing but my mind to do magic because my living situations didn’t permit me as much as lighting a candle. I’ll tell you more about this specifically in a future post, but my point is, rituals are physical representations of the work and purpose we seek to create. While they facilitate our magical work because they give us something to create with our hands and focus our magical energy on, they aren’t entirely necessary. We all have the magical power within us to manifest what we want from nothing, even in adverse circumstances (case in point: my entire life story). 

I was freezing and borrowed my girlfriend’s flannel shirt. #DoesntGetMoreLesbianThanThat

In this jar (which was repurposed – it contained the most delicious chocolate and cookie butter spread from Trader Joe’s), I used four of my Art of the Root hoodoo oils as well as pantry ingredients and things that I found in my purse and around the house. 

I started with a few drops of the Wealthy Way, Road Opener, Money-Drawing and King Salomon oils, as well as some cinnamon essential oil (a very good money-drawing ingredient!) then added about three tablespoons of rice to the bottom of the jar, followed by some popcorn kernels. I collected loose change in my bag and lay it on the popcorn layer, then buried it, like seeds of wealth you put in the earth to grow, under some more kernels. I sprinkled it with cayenne pepper (to make the spell more powerful), basil (another excellent money-drawing herb) and some Old Bay seasoning just because. 

After that, I added a piece of hematite, citrine, and a few rose quartz engraved with runes. I also added a piece of wrapped peppermint candy (because mint and sugar are both excellent for money spells), a peacock earring that I purchased at a time I felt very powerful and accomplished, sprigs of rosemary (another a good money-drawing herb) I picked from the backyard of a house I’d like to purchase and live in sometimes this year (unless we find a better one!), and hair from my sweet black kitty Julia, because it brings so much luck and spiritual power to any magical work you’re doing. 

Aforementioned sweet kitty just being extra. Couldn’t resist posting. Just couldn’t.

In the past, I would close the jar and seal it by burning a candle on the lid and letting the wax drip all over it. But this year, I decided I want to still be able to open the jar and take in the delicious scent of prosperity (so much cinnamon, y’all!), and even feed it with more coins and add to it little by little as I gather more tokens that represent the idea of prosperity, wealth and success to me. So I’m currently burning a red, apple and cinnamon-scented votive candle next to my jar (because I couldn’t find a green votive candle at the dollar store, I didn’t want to drive to a metaphysical store and pay ten times more for a green votive, and, as I said above, I believe in flexibility, resourcefulness and creativity!). 

And that’s it for our very first #WitchyWednesday! Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below, including what other spells, rituals and witchy-related content you’d like me to talk about in future posts! 

Namasté and much love to you all,


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