You are a magical being.

You are a magical being.

How would you feel at the idea that you are a magical being, born with spiritual powers that you can use to create a magnificent life for yourself and do good in the world?

Popular culture has almost convinced us that only few are born with special powers, from magical beings in fairy tales, to Harry Potter, where the world is split in two with Muggles (or, in America, No-Majs), who don’t have the capacity to do magic, and wizards, who are born with powers.

Don’t misunderstand me, I love fairy tales and am a card-carrying Potterhead. But there’s something highly inaccurate to this irreversible split between mortals and magical beings.

The truth is, we all are magical beings. We all are incarnations of the amazing, miraculous source that has created us. We are all made of energy, of spirit, and of love.

And because of that, we all have spiritual powers greater than we think.

We may not be able to fly on broomsticks or wave wands and make things appear out of thin air (though I just thought “Accio more tea” and realized my teapot wasn’t empty as I had thought, but still had about two cups in it, so I guess I win at nonverbal spells! Ten points to my Hogwarts house – and no, I’m pleading the Fifth on which one it is because I feel that it’s almost like revealing who you vote for!)

But we are all gifted with power.

We are gifted with the power to be alive, to grow, and to give life, contributing to its cycle.

We are gifted with the power to create beauty and spread it around us, and appreciate beauty created by others (as I’m writing this, I’m listening to Samuel Barber’s Agnus Dei and God, what beauty, what pure, true magic!).

We are gifted with the power to perceive things before they happen or when they aren’t happening in front of us (that famous “gut feeling”, for instance, or your instincts).

We are gifted with the power of prayer, a tradition inherited from our ancestors. All the world’s religions and faiths are all culturally wealthy practices to access the divine source of creation and invite it in.

And – this is what a lot of people can be interested in when they’re seeking to deepen their spirituality: we are gifted with the power to influence things around us and in our life. We are born gifted with the power to manifest things and bring them about with next to nothing but our thoughts. 

Can you think of ways you’ve used this power without even being aware of it? Here are a few:

  • Getting what you wanted for Christmas or your birthday as a child.
  • Your parents allowing you to do something that wasn’t usually allowed (staying up later, having friends over on a school night, etc).
  • Getting into your dream college or university (it has nothing to do with luck, especially if there were countless talented applicants all competing for limited spots).
  • Getting the job you wanted (again, especially if there were a lot of applicants!).
  • Being able to buy or rent a home you love.
  • Being in a happy relationship.
  • Having children.
  • Healing from trauma or abuse.
  • Making it out unscathed after something serious (like an accident, a violent confrontation, an abusive home, etc).
  • And more…

There are countless ways we’ve used our powers that we can point out once we start thinking about them. I’m sure that after reading this, you’re pausing to list them in your mind right now. And that’s great, because when you think of your powers, you become aware of them, embodied by them, and they grow. Just like when you write a list of things to be grateful for, and find yourself attracting more things to be grateful for into your life.

And it is normal to feel powerless sometimes, or to land on the other side of the coin, where you attract more of what you don’t want into your life when you focus on the negative. But don’t beat yourself up for that (and don’t ever let anyone shame you for having negative feelings!). Because the moment you become truly aware of your powers, they begin to truly grow and become unlimited. Think of people who have attracted a dream-like life filled with abundance, joy, good health and love. You are capable of doing the very same.

Because you are a truly magical being, and a creator of abundance, of joy, and of miracles. Never let anything or anyone convince you otherwise. Your powers are your birthright. They are beautiful, pure, and all come from a source of good, a source of love. So grow them, my darlings. Don’t suppress your powers, but grow them, and let them show you what an extraordinarily beautiful life you can create for yourself, and how much good you can spread around you.

Namasté my darlings, and much love to you all.


Photo credit: Samuel Austin.

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