Are you ready for something pretty, fun, amazing and life-changing? Because here it is! 


I am beyond happy and proud to reveal the cover to my upcoming book, “You Hold The Cards: How to use tarot beyond divination to let your inner wisdom guide you, improve your life, and manifest everything you’ve ever dreamed of.” This book is the result of several years of planning (mostly in my head!), but, just like everything in my life, it finally came together at the right place and time. The date this book comes out, December 21st, 2019, is doubly-symbolic: it is not only the Winter Solstice, but the first anniversary of The Empress Within. 

Have you ever wanted to learn tarot, but felt intimidated by the idea of having to memorize the meaning of seventy-eight cards? Or maybe you started learning, but felt disconnected to your deck and gave up? In this comprehensive beginner’s guide to tarot, I will show you how to use tarot beyond fortune-telling and unlock the intuitive knowledge you have within you so you can use it to manifest your best life and bring about your wildest dreams.

In “You Hold The Cards”, you will learn:

– Why tarot is an excellent tool for introspection and manifestation, and deepening your connection with spirit.

– The long, rich history and culture of tarot, and The Empress Within’s new, secular approach to it.

– How to draw out your intuitive knowledge of the twenty-two Major Arcana cards, and their numerological, energetic and astrological correspondences.

– How to create your very own tarot practice and integrate it to other spiritual practices.

– Everything about tarot decks, from how to choose them to how use them, how many to have, and a word on oracle decks and tarot apps.

– Different methods and ways to read tarot, and various tips and tricks for connecting cards together into readings, dealing with feeling stuck or burnt-out during a reading, and more.

– And finally, how to take your tarot practice to the next level by reading tarot professionally, using it in magic or as inspiration, creating your own deck, joining (or starting!) a tarot community and teaching it to others. 

“You Hold The Cards” comes out on December 21st, 2019, the Winter Solstice and first anniversary of The Empress Within. So don’t hesitate to pre-order this guide that will deepen your spirituality, improve your life for the best, and not to mention make you feel pretty cool at parties and gatherings when you take out your deck and start reading tarot for people! 

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